AEBU’s Life-Saving event on the 105th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

Pasadena, CA – In the absence of the traditional commemorative gatherings that were held to observe the Armenian Genocide worldwide, this year, the Armenian community in Los Angeles partook in other meaningful undertakings to honor the memory of the 1.5 million Armenians who perished during the 1915 genocide perpetrated by the Turkish government. The generous contribution of the community at large have secured more than double the 1.5 million meals that it initially targeted as part of the “America We Thank You” initiative in support of the “Feeding America” program. The Armenian Educational Benevolent Union (AEBU) and its members actively participated in this program.

One of the other few symbolic and meaningful events that took place on April 24, was the blood drive hosted by the Armenian Educational Benevolent Union, in partnership with the American Red Cross at the AEBU Center in Pasadena. This life-saving event was our organization’s way to honor the memory of our martyrs. At the same time, it was an opportunity to give back to the community at large and the Red Cross in specific, for its role in helping the survivors of the atrocities committed by the Ottoman government, even in the years preceding the 1915 Genocide, and following years.  

During the past several months, and due to numerous cancellations of previously scheduled blood drives amid the current pandemic, the American Red Cross has repeatedly called on all of us to donate blood and prevent severe shortages in supplies. AEBU stepped up to the challenge. The response was overwhelming and in a mere one week upon announcing the event, all appointments were filled.

“Donating blood is a powerful act of humanity. With this Blood Drive, we are fighting death with life, darkness with light, desperation with hope,” said Dr. Rosine Der Tavitian, member of the AEBU Blood Drive organizing committee.

We are thankful to the American Red Cross for relentlessly continuing its mission and saving millions of lives through its numerous programs and especially blood drives. Statistically, each pint collected saves 3 lives and through this blood drive, AEBU was able to collect 33 pints. At the conclusion of the event, Edward Kim, Charge RN and representative of the American Red Cross said, “Thank you for hosting us. You are amazing sponsors. My staff and I were very happy to conduct the drive at your center. The donors felt very comfortable with the set up as well. Our initial goal was 25 pints and we surpassed that number. We are very satisfied with the outcome.”

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